Jerwood Contemporary Makers 2010

Selection and curation of Jerwood Contemporary Makers 2010 with Hans Stofer (Chair) and Richard Slee.

16 June – 25 July 2010
Jerwood Space, 171 Union Street, London

Touring to: Dovecot Studios (with IC: Innovative Craft), Edinburgh and the National Craft Gallery, Kilkenny, Ireland.

Jerwood Contemporary Makers 2010
Jerwood Contemporary Makers 2010

Jerwood Contemporary Makers showcased work by the new generation of UK makers. The exhibition investigated the notion of making by bringing together a broad range of work from across craft and the visual arts. Twenty-nine makers took part, each exhibiting one work and receiving an equal share of the £30,000 prize fund. A catalogue was designed by Turnbull Grey, in the form a newspaper broadsheet with an essay, The Making Game, commissioned from author Jeanette Winterson.

A series of Monday evening events accompanied the exhibition. These included Emmanuel Cooper (ceramicist and craft writer) in conversation with Hans Stofer, Richard Slee and Freddie Robins also a panel discussion exploring the notion of amateur making, chaired by Stephen Knott, with Emma Shercliff. At the National Craft Gallery, Kilkenny, Ireland Freddie Robins conducted a gallery tour and delivered a lecture and workshop on Curating Contemporary Craft alongside curator and artist David Littler.

The 2010 Jerwood Contemporary Makers were: Laura Ellen Bacon, David Rhys Jones, Laura Potter, Chien-Wei Chang, Kirsty McDougall, Tomoaki Suzuki, David Clarke, Nicola Malkin, Ingrid Tait, Carl Clerkin, Taslim Martin, Marloes ten Bhomer, Julie Cooke, Flora McLean, Maud Traon, Robert Dawson, Rowan Mersh, Richard Wheater, Nora Fok, Gareth Neal, Conor Wilson, David Gates, Karen Nicol, Emma Woffenden, Joseph Harrington, Heather Park, Dawn Youll, Tony Hayward and Lina Peterson

The exhibition, designed and built by Michael Marriott, took visitors on a visual journey through the different approaches to the art of making, highlighting its importance as a visual arts discipline. Jerwood Contemporary Makers is the UK’s only award for the applied arts and is a major strand of the Jerwood Visual Arts programme.

Jerwood Contemporary Makers was launched by the Jerwood Charitable Foundation in 2008 as a three-year exhibition series supporting and showcasing emerging creative talent. Each year, a different panel of selectors has curated the exhibition, inviting a group of makers to respond to a different guiding concept.

Catalogue – Jerwood Contemporary Makers 2010

16 June 2010