Freddie Robins x Donna Wilson - All The Time Gloves


The All The Time Gloves are a collaboration between Freddie Robins and designer, Donna Wilson. Freddie was Donna’s tutor at the Royal College of Art and has been a huge supporter of her work ever since.

100% lambswool, knitted in Scotland.
Available in three colourways – burgundy, orange or caspian blue
£35.00 per pair.

Use the code TICKTOCK20 for a 20% discount via Donna Wilson’s online shop.

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02 December 2018

Do Not Touch, Surface Design Journal, Fall 2018

Freddie Robins’s article, Do Not Touch, is now published in Surface Design Journal, Fall 2018.

Read article here

22 November 2018

Sluice_Exchange Berlin 2018

Blackwater Polytechnic will be exhibiting at
Sluice_Exchange Berlin 2018
Das Kühlhaus Berlin
Luckenwalder Str. 3, 10963 Berlin, Germany

Opening hours:
Friday 16 November 18:00 – 23:00
Saturday 17 + Sunday 18 November 11:00 – 19:00

Blackwater Polytechnic will be presenting works by EMC Collard, Ben Coode-Adams, Fiona Curran, Justin Knopp and Freddie Robins.

Read Resistant Materials, an essay by Ben Coode-Adams and Freddie Robins (Blackwater Polytechnic) in Sluice magazine, Inter/nationalism issue, Autumn/Winter 2018

04 November 2018

Craftfulness and Unravelled


Freddie Robins features in two new books and a journal published this month -

Craftfulness – Mend yourself by making things by Rosemary Davidson and Arzu Tahsin, published by Quercus, London.

Unravelled – Contemporary Knit Art by Charlotte Vannier, published by Thames & Hudson, London.

Unpicking the Narrative: Difficult Women, Difficult Work, co-authored by Freddie Robins, Lucy Day & Eliza Gluckman, Textile: Journal of Cloth and Culture, Volume 16, 2018 Issue 3: The Matter of Material, published by Taylor & Francis.


22 October 2018

Knitting Industry Creative in conversation with Freddie Robins


Charlotte Cameron, Knitwear Editor for Knitting Industry Creative interviews Freddie Robins (portrait: Sophie Mutevelian/Crafts Council).

Read interview here

04 October 2018

Tormented Textiles: the trials and tribulations of living a creative life


Read designer, Donna Wilson’s, blog post about the Tormented Textiles panel discussion, where she was joined by Freddie Robins and contemporary craft expert, Martina Margetts, for a panel discussion on the trials and tribulations of living a creative life.

You can listen to the conversation and Q&A session on Soundcloud via the link below.

Read here

Listen here

03 October 2018

Tormented Textiles: the trials and tribulations of living a creative life. A panel discussion with Freddie Robins, Donna Wilson and Martina Margetts, 6.00pm Wednesday 19 September 2018

Tormented Textiles: the trials and tribulations of living a creative life. A panel discussion with Freddie Robins, Donna Wilson and Martina Margetts, 6.00pm Wednesday 19 September 2018

Freddie Robins will be joined by contemporary craft expert Martina Margetts and designer Donna Wilson to discuss the trials and tribulations of living a creative life.

They will talk about the role of risk in creativity, what happens when you lose your spark, and what keeps you going, and will consider the intersection of craft and commercialism.

The discussion will last for around 50-60 minutes and will be followed by a Q&A session.

Refreshments will be provided.

Wednesday 19 September 2018
From 6.00pm

Donna Wilson Pop-up Shop
32 Charlotte Road
London EC2A 3PB

The event is free but booking is essential.
Book here

This event is part of Donna Wilson’s 15th year celebration at London Design Festival.

21 August 2018

Resistant Materials, M100, Odense, Denmark, 7 - 30 September 2018

Resistant Materials, M100, Odense, Denmark, 7 - 30 September 2018

M100, Exhibition Centre for Contemporary Art
Søndergade 26
5000 Odense

Opening Friday 7 September 2018
Artists’ talk at 16:00, followed by exhibition opening from 17:00-19:00

M100 opening times:
Thursday 16:00-20:00
Saturday & Sunday 13:00-16:00

Resistant Materials is an exhibition about how to live out of the centre, outside a framework of mutual endeavour and shared values.
The view of landscape from the city is very different from living in it. Being here in Essex there is not all that much romance. Here in this landscape it is mainly by turns muddy or dusty. It is dark. I become overwhelmed by colours. The birds are staggeringly loud. There is never quiet. A strimmer or chainsaw is always struggling to carve a clear space. This land is resistant. It bites and stings, catches at your clothes, and obstructs you at every turn.

All four artists in the exhibition work with stuff, actual physical things produced with skill and craft.
I very much like physical material because it is uncompromisingly visual. I am naturally distrustful of text and words, of theory. I like action.

Curated by Ben Coode-Adams/Blackwater Polytechnic
The exhibiting artists are Ben Coode-Adams, Fiona Curran, Justin Knopp and Freddie Robins


17 August 2018

Cent Magazine, Play SS18, By a Thread

Guest edited by Paris Essex, the latest issue of Cent digital magazine features an interview with Freddie Robins alongside American artist, Sam Barsky.

“We have admired Sam Barsky from afar for a long while and Freddie has been a great friend of ours since college days. Both use knitting as an art-form and we can see connections between them but come from very different backgrounds, hear from them both below.” Paris Essex


12 April 2018

Unpicking the Narrative: Difficult Women, Difficult Work

Freddie Robins, Lucy Day and Eliza Gluckman
Published in Textile: Journal of Cloth & Culture, 2018, Volume 16 Issue 3
Taylor & Francis

Freddie Robins discusses her practice with curators Day+Gluckman in the context of textiles, feminism, heritage, and art practice. Using examples of her work and exhibition profile, they will consider how her career and practice has developed as an artist working with textiles and whether she consciously considers it to have a feminist voice; whether gender still has a pivotal role in how textiles are read and how Freddie’s work continues to contribute to that debate. Linking to recent Day+Gluckman exhibitions that have included Freddie— Concerning Matter in 2009, Fifties, Fashion and Emerging Feminism in 2011, and more recently, Liberties: Reflecting on 40 Years Since the Sex Discrimination Act—the conversation will look at how textiles have been curated into exhibitions, for example, FABRIC (2014) and Entangled (2017), examining curatorial hierarchies and whether there is a perceived or actual fear in displaying objects that do not hold their shape. They will also discuss the propensity of echo chambers in the art world? and beyond—are we only talking to each other?! How do artists and curators identify their audiences and is there a gendered snobbery about the “right type” of audience?

Keywords: textiles, art, knitting, gender, feminism, hierarchy, value, tribes

Download the eprint here

27 March 2018

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