The Jumper Chair

Jumper chair

The Jumper Chair (2022) was made in collaboration with designer Carl Clerkin as part of his Beasley Brothers Repair Shop installation in the Eternally Yours – Care, Repair and Healing exhibition at Somerset House, London. Clerkin was commissioned to build a functioning repair shop in the galleries of Somerset House. SCP along with Very Good and Proper, Ercol, Pearson Lloyd, Jasper Morrison Studio and John Tree Studio all donated components to the shop. Broken parts, excess stock, and waste material were sent to be repurposed. Clerkin and a host of designer-makers set to work, breathing life into unwanted materials.

Robins used an old hand knitted sweater to dress an Ercol steam bent bow that was connected to a Very Good and Proper chair base and plywood seat shell to make the chair. The Jumper Chair was exhibited during Eternally Yours – Care, Repair and Healing, Somerset House, London (13 July – 20 September 2022), Material Matters design fair, that took place during the London Design Festival (22 – 25 September 2022) and SCP, London (4 – 12 October 2022), culminating in a live auction of all the Beasley Brothers Repair Shop products.

26 September 2022