Smiths Row, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk
11 July – 1 September 2012

Untitled drawings, 2006 – 2011, ink on paper, 370 × 460 mm

Heart 2 Heart, Kidney Stones, Spots on your Lungs, Paisley Kidney, Lily Livered and Floral Liver, 1996
screen-printed cotton, wadding,150 × 125 mm – 240 × 920 mm

Craft Kills, 2002
machine knitted wool, knitting needles, 2000 × 680 × 380 mm

Transformations is part of the celebrations marking Smiths Row’s 40th anniversary. It focuses on the work of a number of leading UK artists they have supported throughout their history. Their work was shown at Smiths Row at the beginning of their careers and for many of them it has made a big difference to their onward success.

Small, publicly funded galleries, such as Smiths Row, play an important role in supporting early and mid-career artists by providing opportunities to exhibit, create new work and professional training which enables them to move “up the ladder” to exhibit at major London or international galleries that do not have the remit or capacity work with them in their early careers.

Out of all the artists they have worked with over the years these artists have been selected because their work explores seeming contradictions within their use of media and a tendency to subvert conventions within contemporary visual art, particularly in using craft techniques.

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Exhibiting alongside: Catherine Bertola, Maxine Bristow, Susan Collis, Ben Coode-Adams, Roger Hiorns, Haroon Mirza and Caroline Wright.

Photography: Douglas Atfield

11 July 2012