Covid-19 Global Quilt

An online global quilt project started by artists Kate Just and Tal Fitzpatrick via instagram to gather, narrate and share experiences of Covid-19 via craft.
instagram @covid19quilt


@iamfreddierobins in Essex UK shares: ‘This is a sample for a very large knitted ‘tapestry’ entitled ‘Be afraid, be very afraid’. The tapestry is not about the COVID-19 crisis but does now read like a self-fulfilling prophecy. The initial samples for the tapestry, knitted on an automated industrial knitting machine, were littered with holes and dropped stitches. Instead of repairing these through darning I decided to cover them with a self-curing plastic clay. This is a kick back against the current obsession with darning and the ‘virtue signalling’ that this has become for many. Why does textile craft always have to be associated with, and justified through, the good and the virtuous? Why can’t we just make stuff for the hell of it?’ #covid19quilt

15 April 2020