Resistant Materials

M100, Exhibition Centre for Contemporary Art, S√łndergade 26, 5000 Odense, Denmark
7 – 30 September 2018





Resistant Materials is an exhibition about how to live out of the centre, outside a framework of mutual endeavour and shared values.
The view of landscape from the city is very different from living in it. Being here in Essex there is not all that much romance. Here in this landscape it is mainly by turns muddy or dusty. It is dark. I become overwhelmed by colours. The birds are staggeringly loud. There is never quiet. A strimmer or chainsaw is always struggling to carve a clear space. This land is resistant. It bites and stings, catches at your clothes, and obstructs you at every turn.
Ben Coode-Adams

All four artists in the exhibition work with stuff, actual physical things produced with skill and craft.
I very much like physical material because it is uncompromisingly visual. I am naturally distrustful of text and words, of theory. I like action.
Ben Coode-Adams

Exhibiting alongside: Ben Coode-Adams, Fiona Curran and Justin Knopp.
Curated by Ben Coode-Adams/Blackwater Polytechnic

Photography: Kirstine Mengel


04 October 2018