Soft Thoughts podcast - Softness is Power

Soft Thoughts podcast - Softness is Power

In the first ever Soft Thoughts podcast, Ruby Smith and Jean Oberlander welcome Freddie Robins. Robins uses juxtapositions between how knitting is and could be seen, unravelling preconceptions of femininity, motherhood, death and the body, and twists the soft into evil and back again, imbuing a sense of power in using metaphor in knitting.

“Soft Thoughts is a textiles podcast that is flexible, twisting and soft, just like the myriad of textiles we love and wear and see in our every day lives. We want to chat about textiles, with people we know, people we don’t know, and everyone in between. We want to be accessible and academic, silly and a wee bit ridiculous, an attempt at bridging the gap between those that practise textiles and those that wear them – the every day and the artists!” Ruby Smith and Jean Oberlander

01: Freddie Robins: Softness is Power. Released 12 December 2018
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11 January 2019